I Help Widows, Widowers and Divorcees(c) 2K20

My young associate reminded me recently what I’ve been committed to for many years, helping widows, widowers and divorcees with their present income and their future retirement income needs.

If you’re one of those kinds of individuals don’t hesitate to call on an advisor to guide you through the foggy maze of your income needs.

A small hole can sink a big ship.  A lack of proper income can be that small hole in your financial ship.

I remember well my father sending my aunt money because of a small hole in her ship.  Her husband died at 56 years of age,   At the time of his death he left her well-heeled financially.  However, over many years and the fact she lived into her nineties, taxes and inflation eroded her ‘well-heeled’ financial ship.

This could possibly happen to anyone.  My aunt started outliving her money—-one of the greatest fears widows, widowers and divorcees have.

If you know of any widow, widower or divorcee I can assist, it will be my privilege to make sure there’s no small hole in their ship.